Megvii is a global leader and one of the most advanced Artificial Intelligence driven solutions in the world for end-to-end integration and implementation of facial recognition and video analytics technologies. Powered by computer vision and deep learning technologies, Megvii embeds AI algorithms into hardware and software products to deliver solutions that empower customers to innovate their digital ecosystem. Megvii systems are designed to see and think, focusing on city-level, enterprise-level and industry-level digital solutions for a wide-range of applications including law enforcement, crowd management, financial security and much more.


Computational Photography Solution

Device Authentication Solution

Smart Screen and Smart TV Solution

Attendance Solution for SMB

Smart Building Access Solution

Mingji: AI Temperature Detection Solution

Data and Digital Service Solution

Embedded SDK Empowerment Solution

Server-based API Empowerment Solution

Enhanced Pan-Entertainment Experience

FaceID Verification Solution

FaceStyle AI-Powered Beauty Solution

Finance Authentication Solution

Online Marketing Solution

Smart Campus Solution for Education

Smart Campus Solution for Enterprise

Intelligent Temperature Measurement Access

Smart Traffic Management Solution

Smart Public Safety Management Solution

Smart City Management Solution