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Authenticate and authorize: Comprehensive access solutions

ID Cube is the global leader in physical access control security, offering a comprehensive software solution suite that serves as the brain of a building. It can create, control and fully manage the access and credentials needed to ensure an effective, efficient and secure enterprise ecosystem. With an open architecture and the ability to support multi-device integration, ID Cube is completely customizable and scalable as per the exacting needs and specifications of different clients across diverse industries.


PSIM-Access 360

Access Control & Time and attendance

Visitor Management

Vehicle Access Management

Elevator Access Management

Cafeteria Management

iNest Cloud Access Control

Contractor On-boarding & Management

HID GLOBAL is the industry-standard hardware solution for physical and digital security monitoring. Transform and protect networks, facilities and assets with a mix of products from HID to suits your convenience


Mobile Access

Contactless Readers

Smart cards

Security Keys


Multi-door access control

Location Services

WiFi Gateways

Bluzone Clod Management

HID GLOBAL is trusted by organizations and governments to transform and strengthen confidence in the operations between citizens and public administration.


Let our systems do the thinking for you

Megvii is a global leader and one of the most advanced Artificial Intelligence driven solutions in the world for end-to-end integration and implementation of facial recognition and video analytics technologies. Powered by computer vision and deep learning technologies, Megvii embeds AI algorithms into hardware and software products to deliver solutions that empower customers to innovate their digital ecosystem. Megvii systems are designed to see and think, focusing on city-level, enterprise-level and industry-level digital solutions for a wide-range of applications including law enforcement, crowd management, financial security and much more.


Computational Photography Solution

Device Authentication Solution

Smart Screen and Smart TV Solution

Attendance Solution for SMB

Smart Building Access Solution

Mingji: AI Temperature Detection Solution

Data and Digital Service Solution

Embedded SDK Empowerment Solution

Server-based API Empowerment Solution

Enhanced Pan-Entertainment Experience

FaceID Verification Solution

FaceStyle AI-Powered Beauty Solution

Finance Authentication Solution

Online Marketing Solution

Smart Campus Solution for Education

Smart Campus Solution for Enterprise

Intelligent Temperature Measurement Access

Smart Traffic Management Solution

Smart Public Safety Management Solution

Smart City Management Solution


Far beyond ordinary vision

COMELIT is video surveillance system with professional-level image resolution and cutting-edge recording systems that allows you to capture and receive high-resolution videos without loss of detail, even in bad lighting.


Indoor Entry Monitors

Outdoor Entry Panels

Away from Home App

Casing and Lighting systems

Hi-res recording up to 50m

Control and activate home functions

COMELIT allows you to setup case scenarios and tackle any sudden requirement with single touch of your screen. Now you can watch over your home even when you are away from it.

Cathexis Vision, Video Surveillance Management Software, offers world-class, industry-leading surveillance solutions that caters to all security and infrastructure management requirements across a wide range of applications for diverse markets and industries.


Third-part app integration

Control Room Management

IP Cameras

Recording Servers


Virtual Matrix

Advanced Video Search

Heat Maps

Video Analytics

Camera Parameter Cloning

Be it for surveillance of a single site, a local retail chain, a multinational conglomerate, or global mining operations, the Cathexis Vision range has a solution for you.


Cameras that see and think on its own

ARH Vigilante, with close to three decades of industry experience, offers class-leading Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) software with advanced capabilities to capture and processes images of moving traffic, with exceptional speed and precision. The end-to-end fully-integrated system offers comprehensive solutions for an extensive array of practical applications, such as automatic toll collection, traffic law enforcement, parking lot access control, and road traffic monitoring.


Optical Character Recognition

Make and Model Recognition

Journey Time Management

Smart Cities

Weatherproof Design

Built-in laser trigger

Powered by artificial intelligence, computer vision, and deep learning neural networks bundled with real-time and in-built processing capabilities, ARH Vigilante can effortlessly monitor and report traffic data and comes in a fixed, portable and mobile variant to suit different types of needs.


Geofences to track movement and location

Tracktio is a multi-purpose, live asset tracking solution platform that is easy to integrate with legacy and leading-edge digital enterprises. The specialised software suite enables you to manage assets and personnel with tracking devices and smartphones to improve safety and productivity in complex or hazardous environments. Tracktio can help you seamlessly interact with a remote worker in large facilities, track movement of assets indoors and outdoors, coordinate heavy maintenance, and is an excellent tool for simulation and fire drills.





Cellular location


Automated Tasks

Track Logistics

IoT Devices

Configurable Dashboard

Biometric Status

Visibility down to 30cm

Whatever the challenges you face in overseeing a large facility, Tracktio has a solution that provides extensive visibility and unmatched control over physical movement of resources across diverse industry verticals.