ID Cube is the global leader in physical access control security, offering a comprehensive software solution suite that serves as the brain of a building. It can create, control and fully manage the access and credentials needed to ensure an effective, efficient and secure enterprise ecosystem. With an open architecture and the ability to support multi-device integration, ID Cube is completely customizable and scalable as per the exacting needs and specifications of different clients across diverse industries.


PSIM-Access 360

Access Control & Time and attendance

Visitor Management

Vehicle Access Management

Elevator Access Management

Cafeteria Management

iNest Cloud Access Control

Contractor On-boarding & Management

HID GLOBAL is the industry-standard hardware solution for physical and digital security monitoring. Transform and protect networks, facilities and assets with a mix of products from HID to suits your convenience


Mobile Access

Contactless Readers

Smart cards

Security Keys


Multi-door access control

Location Services

WiFi Gateways

Bluzone Clod Management

HID GLOBAL is trusted by organizations and governments to transform and strengthen confidence in the operations between citizens and public administration.