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AllGoVision is an enterprise grade advanced Video Analytics solution that seamlessly integrates with existing open platform surveillance systems to provide automatic real time alarms. With 40 plus basic and advanced video analytics features, AllGoVision is a comprehensive solution for all your video analytics needs. Our solution supports higher number of channels / server and can be applied in City Surveillance, Building Surveillance, Border Security, Traffic/Parking Management and Business Intelligence. With proven installations and several channel partners in 25 different countries we are a specialized player in customized video analytics


Cathexis is a South African based electronic and software systems development and manufacturing company, specializing in digital surveillance solutions, for the international market. The company has been developing solutions for the industry for more than 18 years, and has significant blue-chip customers across the globe.
Cathexis products can be found in many diverse vertical markets, including Retail, Manufacturing, Banking, Healthcare, Mining, Education, Transport, Residential Estates, Business parks, City Surveillance, Government, Remote-monitoring, Shopping malls, Commercial property and Mobile In-Vehicle Fleet Monitoring solutions among others.


With a global presence of 25 plus years in the Surveillance & Security Industry, Vantage has grown to become a global brand trusted by millions. Vantage offers the latest technology and products in the security and surveillance domain. With a presence in Europe, Middle East, North America and Asia, Vantage has served more than 1 million customers worldwide and have sold more than 3 million CCTV Cameras. Vantage Security provides a comprehensive range of products and services including CCTV & IP Surveillance Solutions, RFID/Biometric Access Control and Time & Attendance Solutions


VIGILANT ANPR is a system which is highly sensitive and uses a well-trained OCR engine, specifically for reading License Plates and extracting the alphabets from it, to store in a computer recognizable format. The information can be used to authorize the access of vehicles into the secured area by automatically triggering a gate opening operation upon successful authentication. In cases where traffic flows without stop at the security gates / check points ANPR can be used to log all the entries and if and when a suspected vehicle is detected the system will generate alarms for the security staff to stop the detected vehicle.


Since 1995, RBH has been known for its quality and innovative design in the space of Electronic Access Control solutions. With installations in more than 100 countries, RBH provides a comprehensive security management solution by bringing together Access Control and Alarm monitoring with Video, Building management automation, Asset tracking, Guard tour and Visitor management in one easy to use solution. By harnessing the power of the Microsoft SQL ServerTM, RBH has created an easily scalable and extensible system platform. With solid architecture and an open architecture, RBH provides a sophisticated, yet affordable Access Control solution for systems of all sizes


Trinetra is a next generation web-based GPS-powered platform providing `Real Time Automatic Vehicle Location & Tracking` to assist companies to manage their vehicles and assets. Our product integrates all 3 core elements of AVL solutions namely Location, Tracking & Security, thus providing an integrated solution for your Fleet Management requirements.Trinetra uses industry leading web technologies and cutting-edge hardware design to bring you the highest quality of Vehicle Tracking, Digital Mapping, Fleet Maintenance, Driver Management, Route Optimization, Specialized Solutions,

V Detect

Zulkam Technologies with our wide range of services, is proud to offer fleet management system from gredenza. Offering integrated a host of useful and innovative technologies including RFID based passenger identification systems for passenger attendance, digital or analog fuel level sensors for fuel consumption analysis, site activity monitoring, CANBUS and OBD-II data retrieval and much more to make Fleet Management meaningful and easy to use.


Fingi is a branded, white-labelled application and platform that allows guests to use a smartphone to control every aspect of their stay – from all in-room elements and instant ordering of hotel services to direct communication with the hotel and the outside world. Leveraging its cloud-based open software platform, Fingi interconnects all of the services and systems within a hotel and provides a direct link to its guests, which is accessible through the guest’s own device. Guests use Fingi to customize and control their hotel stay through their smartphone, including full climate control and lighting, operation of the entertainment system and easy access to guest services.

Cables and Accessories

When it comes to connectivity, Zulkom offers no parallel in providing best cabling products Including Cavi Cables and Paige. The worlds best high quality cables manufacturers.